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12/18/2014 - MP 6.4 Update Guide   

            Management Plus 6.4 has been released.  Below are a list of step-by-step instructions to update your computer to the most recent version of MP.

PLEASE NOTE: As of the 6.4 release additional
registration steps will be necessary - for a
walkthrough and explanation of these
steps please see Registration Steps

      1) Download the mpwautoupdater here:   6.4 MPWAutoUpdater

      2) When prompted for an action, choose 'Run':

If 'Run' is not an option, save the file to your desktop, then browse to your desktop and double-click the 'mpwautoupdater' icon

      3) Click 'Unzip':

      4) Click 'Next'

      5) The default location for MPW's executable file (C:\mpw) should already be selected. If MP is installed in a different location, change the path to that location, then hit 'Next'.

      6) Enter the following username and password:
Username: acsupdate
Password: Packers2014

      7) Continue to hit 'Next' until the download begins.

      8) Once the download completes, hit 'Finish' to complete the update

      9) Repeat steps 1-8 on any other computers (Including the Server) that run Management Plus

12/17/2014 - Year End Processing

Year End is here!

You can view full year-end instructions on

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