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12/18/2014 - 2014 Income Limits Released   

      HUD's 2014 Income Limits have been released

      Please follow these steps to enter your new Income Limits into Management Plus:

Step 1: Enter Income Limits

        1)  Browse to Information > Contracts

         For Funding Sources choose Information > Funding Sources

        2)  Highlight your contract and hit 'Edit'

        3)  Click the 'Income Limits' tab

        4)  Click 'Add'

        5)  Enter your username and password. If your username and password does not allow you to add income limits, you'll need to contact your Property Management Company's Management Plus administrator to find out who has permissions to add income limits. Administrators can set this permission through Centralized/Password Security > Information Menu > Subsidized Contracts Submenu > 'Income Limits'

        6)  Set the 'Effective Date' to the 2014 income limit effective date

        7)  Enter income limits for fields 1-8. 9-12 will fill themselves in. If you are not sure what your income limits are, you can follow this link to HUD's income limit list for 2014:     HUD 2014 Income Limits

        8)  Once your income limits are updated you can hit 'OK' to save them

        9)  If you have another Contract in the same Company that has the exact same income limits, you can copy the ones you've already entered by following these steps:

                  i) Follow steps 1-6 above, choosing a different contract

                  ii) After entering your Effective Date, Click 'Copy From...'

                  iii) Click the 'Copy From' menu and choose the contract that you already entered the income limits for

                  iv) Choose the 2014 Effective Date

                  v) Hit OK - this will import the income limits that you already entered into the current contract.

Step 2: Utility 29

        Utility 29 will retroactively go back and update the Income Limits for any certification appearing after the 2014 effective date. This will ensure that any certificatin after 05/31/11 has the correct income limits. Each version of Management Plus - 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 - has its own utility, so be sure you select the appropriate one. If you're unsure of your Management Plus version, you can find it by clicking on the Help menu and choose 'About Mangement Plus'.

        Please note: Utilities are often only run by System Administrators, so you may want to contact your IT department or system administrator instead of running this utility yourself.

        1) Download one of the three links below, depending on the version of Management Plus you are running, and save it to your desktop:

              Utility 29 - MPW 6.0

              Utility 29 - MPW 5.8

              Utility 29 - MPW 5.7

              Utility 29 - MPW 5.6

              If you're not sure which version of Management Plus
              you are running you can find out by clicking the Help
              menu in MPW and choose 'About Management Plus'

        2) Close Management Plus on your computer and make sure no one else is logged into the company you're going to run the utility on

        3) Find the utility on your desktop - Double-click the icon to open, then choose 'Unzip'

        4) Highlight the company you want to update the income limits for

        5) Change the 'Action to Take' option to 'Overwrite all certification income limits'

        6) Click 'OK'

        7) The utility will automatically make a backup then apply its changes.


      If you run into any issues during any of these processes please feel free to contact us at support@acsoftware.com


12/18/2014 - Year End Processing

Year End is here!

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